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Date: 28th August 2016
Hollow Elevator Guider Roll Foring Machine
Hollow Guide Rail Producing Line1. Technique?flow?chart Uncoiler->?Horizontal?accumulator->?Leveling-> Forming unit ->?Sizing unit->?Straightening->?Flying?cutting?saw->?Discharging Technique data:1.Coil thickness:?2.3-3.2mm2.Producing pipe size: TK3A, TK5A3.Line speed:?0-25m/min4.Operation area: L35m?X W4.5m?5.Scope of supply and serviceNODescriptionQuantityRemarks1Uncoiler1 setManual/Hydraulic expanding2Shearing and butt welding1 setExcl welder, hydraulic cutting3Horizontal accumulator1 setDiameter 4.2m4Forming & Sizing unit1 setTwo sets of 90KW motor5Flying cutting saw1 set6Run-out table1 set